Adolescent Pregnancy and Safer Sex Awareness.


February is National Teen Dating Violence Awareness and Prevention Month.

Dating violence can happen to any teen in a romantic, dating, or sexual relationship, anytime, anywhere.


Domestic violence is physical, mental, sexual or emotional abuse in an intimate relationship. It occurs when one person uses abusive tactics to gain power and control over a partner or former partner.


Lifejackets Child Abuse Awareness products are available with a variety of slogans and themes. They are ideal for both giveaways and custom gifts. Each of our popular themes has a list of the products available featuring its imprint.

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HIV / AIDS Awareness

The risk of getting HIV varies widely depending on the type of sexual activity. However, every exposure to HIV does not carry the same HIV risk, and some types of sexual activity are riskier than others. Not having sex is the best way to prevent getting or transmitting HIV.

Sexual Assault Prevention

All of our designs are available with a variety of slogans and themes from a simple teal ribbon to more elaborate designs and slogans.

Substance Abuse Awareness and Prevention

The Red Ribbon is the National symbol of identification for Substance Abuse Awareness. Substance abuse refers to the harmful or hazardous use of psychoactive substances, including alcohol and illicit drugs.

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LIFEJACKETS offers educational and promotional products that are available in a wide variety of slogans and themes from a simple awareness ribbon to more elaborate designs and slogans. Each theme pictured on our site is followed by al list of the products available with its imprint. In addition to our sale packages, quantity discounts are available on many of our products.

We can also customize our products with your organization’s name or logo.

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